Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps

21st century heating and cooling for business

Modern, efficient heating systems

Increasingly popular with organisations across the UK, Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are a highly efficient, low cost way to heat and cool your premises.

Well-designed Air Source Heat Pumps will deliver all the heating you need in the winter months as well as your air conditioning in the summer, for a fraction of the cost of oil, LPG or electric heating.

We recommend Air Source Heat Pumps for modern, efficient properties and new developments.

Cutting the cost

Air Source Heat Pumps run on electricity. Because they are so efficient it costs less to heat your property with a heat pump than with other fuels.

Every unit of heat your Air Source Heat Pump generates is also subsidised by the government’s non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. Your RHI payments can equate to a further 75% off the, already low-cost, price of your heating.

Commercial Air Source Heat Pump running costs and income

Annual subsidy income
Annual cost of fuel
Costs and incomes are based on a 700 square meter property heated to 21° for 260 days a year using an existing boiler that is 80% efficient.

Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Low cost heating and hot water
  • 20 years of payments from RHI. Index linked
  • RHI subsidy reduces running costs by 75%
  • Helps meet planning constraints
  • Easy to install in modern buildings
  • Low maintenance and minimal servicing

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The right temperature,
all year round

Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps can be used as a heating system and an air conditioning unit.

They can be located on the ground outside or on a flat roof, where they extract heat energy from the air to generate all the space and hot water heating you need.

Latent heat is present in air temperatures as low as -20 degrees so the UK climate is suitable for Air Source Heat Pumps.


How Air Source Heat Pumps work

Air Source Heat Pumps are compact, electrical appliances about the same size and shape as an air conditioning unit.

They are fitted to the outside of your building where they extract heat from the air and provide you with heating and hot water all year round.

How Air Source Heat Pumps work

Performance guaranteed

We partner with the leading manufacturers of Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps and only install products with proven performance records and robust guarantees. Your system will be designed by our experts and installed by our MCS accredited team, giving you full assurance of long-term reliability.


NIBE Commercial Air Source Heat Pump

Suitable for most organisations

Both Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps are ideal for most modern, insulated properties and developments. The greatest bill savings can be achieved for properties off the mains gas grid and currently reliant on oil or LPG.

If your property is older you may consider a Biomass Boiler. Speak to your local EnergyMyWay office for advice on the right renewable energy solution for your organisation.

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Fitted in 5 easy steps

  1. We discuss your requirements
  2. We survey your premises
  3. We give you costs, returns and recommendations
  4. You decide
  5. Our accredited team installs your system to industry standards

Local experts.

Our engineers and designers are experts in the complete range of renewable energy technologies with a track record of delivering the best performance, and the highest returns, from the products we install.

We are preferred partners for leading Heat Pump manufacturers; Dimplex, Nibe and Daikin.

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