EnergyMyWay are Renewable energy specialists helping home owners, community groups, schools and businesses in Oxfordshire

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Renewable Energy for Homes and Businesses

Helping home owners, community groups, schools and businesses since 2008, EnergyMyWay Oxford specialises in a ‘whole of property’ approach to renewable energy, so we only recommend products that are suitable for your property and how you use it.

  • Lower your bills by generating your own energy at home or work
  • Earn money from Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Reduce carbon emissions and limit your carbon tax liabilities

We will give you the best advice and provide highly skilled, MCS accredited installations of Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers and Wind Turbines.

Recent Projects


Romag domestic Solar PV panels

Domestic Solar Panels

The UK’s favourite renewable energy, generating free electricity from the sun’s rays

Viridian Solar Thermal

Solar Hot Water

Using the sun to heat your water with a simple, low-carbon technology

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines

Generating electricity from windy sites to power your home or business