Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps

Popular and efficient 21st century heating systems

Modern, compact, efficient

Air Source Heat Pumps concentrate heat from the air and use it to heat your hot water cylinder, radiators or underfloor heating.

We recommend Air Source Heat Pumps for people with well-insulated homes. They are also popular with self builders and developers building new build homes as they integrate well with underfloor heating.

Designed well, an Air Source Heat Pump will provide all the hot water and heating you require 365 days a year.

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Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps


  • Highly efficient and compact
  • Saves between 20% – 30% on your bills
  • £5,000 grant to install an ASHP
  • Up to 80% of costs covered by subsidy
  • Suitable for most well-insulated properties

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Works on cold days or hot

Latent heat is present in air temperatures as low as -20 degrees so the UK climate is suitable for an Air Source Heat Pump to heat your home, even on our coldest days.

An upgrade for your home

The government has created a scheme called the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which is designed to make it easy for you to afford an Air Source Heat Pump by paying you £5,000 towards the cost of installation.

Domestic Air Source Heat Pump running costs and income

Costs and incomes are based on a property requiring 25,000 kWh of space and hot water heating and based on Oil costing 9p/kWh Gas 10p/kWh and electricity 28p/kWh

How Air Source Heat Pumps work

Air source heat pumps are compact, electrical appliances about the same size and shape as an air conditioning unit.

They are fitted to the outside of your house where they extract heat from the air and provide you with heating and hot water all year round.

How Air Source Heat Pumps work

Is your property suitable?

Air Source Heat Pumps are so compact that they are suitable for a wide range of properties. However integrating Air Source Heat Pumps with your existing heating system to create the heat and hot water you need is a highly specialised task and should be carried out by experienced professionals.

Air Source Heat Pumps are popular for new builds and renovations as they work extremely well in properties built to the most modern regulations and integrate effectively with underfloor heating.

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Air Source or Ground Source?

Air Source Heat Pumps are more affordable than Ground Source Heat Pumps. Ground Source Heat Pumps are generally more efficient but do come at a higher cost.

Find out more about Ground Source Heat Pumps.

Air and Ground

The best heat pump for your home

The quality and reliability of Air Source Heat Pumps vary enormously. We only offer a range of Air Source Heat Pumps with proven track records and robust guarantees. Combined with our expert design and installation service this gives us full confidence in your heat pump’s performance.

Dimplex Air Source Heat Pump

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