Schools’ Energy Problems

Understand your School’s Energy Problems

Unique problems, money-saving solutions with renewable energy

Schools come in all shapes and sizes; from listed to state-of-the-art, small buildings to vast multi-purpose complexes. They all have their individual histories too – your school may have had energy and waste systems partially updated or bolted on over the years.

We know that schools can be incredibly energy inefficient, because the organic nature of a growing school means that energy consumption, waste and improvements are rarely looked at holistically.

Energy requirements vary from room to room, building to building. The power needed to keep the swimming pool heated is vastly greater than that of the gym. The boarding house will require 24-hour heat and light, but classrooms may only need them for part of the day.

Until recently it?s often been hard for schools to engage stakeholders with the need to tackle their energy infrastructure. But with rising energy costs and the need to lower carbon emissions, the Government has been making inroads into the problems with grants and subsidies ? and the long-term gains can be substantial. they have introduced new financing options for schools, dropped the cost of hardware, such as solar panels, and made it easier for you to invest in saving money and energy.

How do you tackle your energy problems?

Schools now need to be seen to be green, there is growing pressure to lower carbon emissions, and to adopt a sustainability strategy that will reduce energy costs. It is also important to promote efficient energy use throughout the school.

At EnergyMyWay, we?ve worked closely with many schools and understand the particular problems they face. We are independent, offering only the best advice, and can work with your architects, facilities manager, builders and other groups to ensure every aspect of your school?s energy use is examined and improved ? from lightbulbs to biomass boilers.

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