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EnergyMyWay is the UK’s largest independent network of renewable energy experts, offering credible advice and fully accredited installations for a complete range of solar panels, as well as heat pumps, biomass boilers and wind turbines.

Looking for a trustworthy solar installer in Inverness?

We give you honest advice about solar panels for your home or business. At EnergyMyWay North Scotland we understand the crowded solar panel market and take time to help homeowners and businesses make an informed choice about the right solar panels for your property.

Why solar panels are so popularLocal Solar PV Installation

  • Substantially reduce your electricity bill
  • Earn tax-free income from Feed-in Tariff
  • Payments index-linked for 20 years
  • Most systems fitted in one day

Specialist solar advice, locally

We help homeowners and businesses understand the solar panel options available and help to access the government incentives; providing you with the best energy savings and the highest returns.

Our experienced local expert solar installer in Inverness, Neil Osborne, will be your point of contact in North Scotland.

From your first survey through to your completed installation and beyond, he’s there to give you a unique personal service with the backing of our established national company.

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Understanding your solar panel options

We offer a full range of solar panels to suit your preferences for aesthetics, efficiency and warranty.

Sunpower Solar PV installRoof mounted solar panels

Most properties have roof space suitable for solar panels. These solar panels perform well on South, SE or SW facing roofs, even here in sunny Scotland. For smaller roofs, we recommend high efficiency solar panels as you will need less of them.

ground mount solar panelsGround mounted solar panels

Ground mounted solar panels are popular in rural locations. They are ideal if you would prefer not to have them on the roof, or if your property is unsuitable. We design ground mounted solar panels for private and business properties, located for optimum performance.

Solarworld panelsRoof-integrated solar panels

Attractive, roof-integrated solar panels are becoming increasingly popular. They are designed to seamlessly and discretely blend with your roof finish. At EnergyMyWay we offer a range of roof-integrated solar panel systems to suit your tastes. These make an ideal and attractive solution for new build properties or renovations.

Solar panels at any scale

At EnergyMyWay we have a wealth of experience with solar panels – from small domestic properties to multi-acre solar farms. Our engineers and designers work at any scale, accredited and trustworthy – your solar panel system couldn’t be in safer hands.

Solar Farm

For advice about solar panels for your home or business, contact your expert solar installer Inverness. Call EnergyMyWay on 01463 469389 or email