Earn Money and Reduce Bills with Solar PV panels

Experts in solar installations in Oxford, Banbury, Witney and the Oxfordshire region

Solar PV systems convert the sun?s light energy into electricity to directly power your home or office. Solar PV is an increasingly popular sustainable energy source for homeowners as the cost of electricity bills soar. Solar PV keeps your fuel costs down and you also earn money for the solar electricity you generate via the Government?s feed-in Tariff scheme. The tax-free earnings from the Feed-in Tariff, plus your bill savings, can give you up to 12% return! This is based on real data from EnergyMyWay customers.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the size of the property and the grade of solar panels you choose, but a typical solar installation on a 3-bed semi should cost under £7,000, and generate around £1,000 per year tax free in Feed-in Tariff and savings on your electricity bills. EnergyMyWay offers a range of financing options for property owners who are interested in Solar PV but would prefer to pay over time. The good news is you can start claiming your Feed-in Tariff payments straight away as soon as your Solar PV system is commissioned.

How can I be sure my solar panels will last?

The Government?s Feed-in Tariff will pay you for 20 years based on your panels? electricity generation, so it is important to maintain the performance of your panels for the entire period of the tariff. Our solar PV warranty guarantees the performance of your panels for 25 years.

Want to know more?

If you?d like to know how solar panels will work for your home or office, whether you need a South-facing roof (you don?t), or if you will qualify for the Feed-In Tariff (you will!), we?ve got more information about Solar PV panels and lots of Case Studies for you to read. If you would like us to come and SURVEY your property FREE OF CHARGE, or if you?d simply like to find out more, then please contact us on 01865 856930 or email oxon@energymyway.co.uk.

What makes EnergyMyWay the best Oxfordshire renewables company?

oba_201224 regional offices are run from our Oxfordshire headquarters, founded in 2008.

6 Oxfordshire community groups have selected us as their official renewable energy partner

3 years of continuous recognition from the Oxfordshire and West Oxfordshire Business Awards

2woba_finalist_2012_btn_med50 Solar PV systems are installed each year by our Oxfordshire office alone

100% of Oxfordshire customers said they would recommend us.

What area does the Oxfordshire EnergyMyWay office cover?

We provide Solar PV installation and advice on renewable energy in Oxford, Banbury, Witney, and the whole of Oxfordshire. EnergyMyWay is a national company so if we don?t cover your area, please call us on 01865 856930 and we?ll put you in touch with your nearest EnergyMyWay office. Don?t miss out on the current low prices of solar panels and up to 12% returns from the Feed-in Tariff and bill savings ? talk to us now on 01865 856930 or email oxon@energymyway.co.uk about solar PV for your home. We look forward to hearing from you.