Solar PV Specialists in West Cheshire and North Wales

Up to 15% annual returns available now from solar panel installations in the North-West.

  • Whilst the North West might receive more than its fair share of wind and rain, we actually have more sunshine than you might think, meaning the returns available from solar energy in Cheshire West and North Wales are excellent.
  • Solar is an increasingly popular way for people to power their homes to overcome constantly rising electricity bills.
  • Solar PV keeps your energy costs down and you also earn money for the solar electricity you generate with the Government?s Feed-in Tariff scheme, anything you don?t consume gets fed back into the national grid and you get paid for this also.
  • The earnings from the Feed-in Tariff plus your bill savings can give you up to 15% annual return! And the income you generate is index linked, TAX FREE and is Guaranteed for 20 years. This is based on real data from EnergyMyWay customers.
  • When compared to having your money tied up in low interest paying Bank or Building Societies Savings Accounts – Solar energy makes a fantastic investment all round.

How much does Solar PV cost?

This depends on the size of the property and the grade of solar panels you choose, but a typical solar installation on a 3-bed semi should cost under £7,000, and generate over £1,000 per year tax free in Feed-in Tariff and savings on your electricity bills. Therefore you could make over £20,000 tax free income over the life of the Feed-in Tariff from installing solar panels today; and for larger properties or properties with spare land available the earnings can be significantly higher.

Typical Home

Larger Home

System Size (Kwp)



Cost of System



Income Generated (Per Annum)*



Total Monetary Return (over 20 years)



Annual Return (%)



Payback Period (Years)



*Income is made up from three sources: 1) the Feed-in Tariff paid on every kilowatt your panels produce, 2) the export tariff paid on the energy you produce but don?t consume which is exported to the national grid and 3) the bill savings from consuming your own electricity as opposed to that generated by your electricity supplier.

EnergyMyWay offers a range of financing options for property owners who are interested in Solar PV but would prefer to pay over time. The good news is you can start claiming your Feed-in Tariff payments straight away as soon as your Solar PV system is commissioned.

How can I be sure my solar panels will last?

The Government?s Feed-in Tariff will pay you for 20 years based on your panels? electricity generation, so it is important to maintain the performance of your panels for the entire period of the tariff. We only fit solar panels from quality manufacturers and our solar PV panels come with warranties guaranteeing the performance of your panels for up to 25 years. Plus our workmanship comes with a comprehensive two year guarantee for complete peace of mind.

We have an outstanding customer service record, with 99.7% of our customers happy to recommend us to friends and family. Unlike many solar installers, we?ve been around for a while and have experience in the whole renewable energy market. With 18 offices around the UK, quality and service are at the heart of our business.

Why now is the right time to invest in solar energy:

  • Soaring electricity bills, making it more important than ever to start generating your own electricity for free.
  • Lowest ever panel prices. As demand has increased, manufacturers have significantly reduced the cost of panels.
  • Feed-in Tariff, You will earn money for every kilowatt of energy your system produces, savings on your household bills plus additional payments for every kilowatt you feed back into the national grid.
  • Tax-free earnings, guaranteed for 20 years, Your Feed-in Tariff payments are index linked and exempt from tax.
  • Hassle free. Most of our installations are completed in one day and we handle all the paperwork for you, including your free EPC.

Want to know more about Solar PV from EnergyMyWay?

If you?d like to know how solar panels will work for your home or business, we?ve got lots of FAQs and Case Studies for you to read. If you would like us to come and SURVEY your property FREE OF CHARGE, or if you?d simply like to find out more, then please contact us on 01244 683 713 or email

5 Great Reasons to talk to EnergyMyWay:

1. Local. ?EnergyMyWay has been helping homeowners and businesses switch to renewable energy since 2008, building a reputation for quality work and excellent customer care, and we now have an office in Cheshire?.

2. Quality Guaranteed. ?We install only top quality panels from manufacturers with warranties that cover the entire 20 year period of the feed in Tariff, and are accredited installation partners for some of the world?s largest solar panel manufacturers ? in addition we provide a comprehensive two year installation guarantee for complete peace Jake Johnson - EnergyMyWay solar installer for Cheshire West and North Walesof mind?.

3. Personal Service. ?Regional Director, Jake Johnson will personally carry out your FREE SURVEY and give you best advice on the right solution for your property?.

4. Honest. ?The information and advice we give you will be based on an expert assessment of your individual property and the way you use it. We only recommend what is right for you.’

5. Recommended. ‘In a recent survey, 99.7% of EnergyMyWay customers said they would recommend us to friends, family and colleagues.’

What area does the Cheshire West EnergyMyWay office cover?

We provide Solar PV installation and advice on renewable energy in West Cheshire and North Wales. EnergyMyWay is a national company so if we don?t cover your area, please call us on 07890 307295 and we?ll put you in touch with your nearest EnergyMyWay office.

Don?t miss out on the current low prices of solar panels and up to 15% returns from the Feed-in Tariff and bill savings ? talk to us now on 07890 307295 or email about Solar PV for your home. We look forward to hearing from you.