Say No to Soaring Heating Bills with Domestic RHI

New Government subsidy can earn you over £2000 a year when you use renewable energy to heat your West Cheshire or North Wales home

35kW Effecta Komplett II biomass boilerThanks to a brand new Government subsidy, the Renewable Heat Incentive, your expensive heating bills can now be a thing of the past.

In fact, you?ll now get paid generously for using renewable energy to heat your West Cheshire or North Wales home.

Renewable energy alternatives such as ground and air source heat pumps, or biomass (wood pellet) boilers, will save you £000?s compared to expensive oil, gas or LPG.

5 reasons why you should switch to renewable energy NOW


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1. You will save £000?s. Watch your heating bills drop by up to 50% when you start using renewable energy.

2. You get paid. Tax free payments for 7 years, simply for installing a ground or air source heat pump, biomass boiler or solar thermal system.

3. The cost is covered. Installing your renewable energy heating can be paid for using the money you receive from the brand new Renewable Heat Incentive.

4. You are protected. As fossil fuel prices continue to soar your renewable energy will save you even more.

5. It?s sustainable. Renewable energy now makes long-term financial sense as well as a cleaner, greener heating solution.

?We did it. Now you can too!?

?We were fed up with expensive heating bills but didn?t know where to turn. EnergyMyWay helped us to choose a Biomass (wood pellet) boiler. The result? No more expensive bills, in fact we?re making money from the new Renewable Heat Incentive!?

“We saved 40% off our oil bill! PLUS we will earn £6,800 a year from the Renewable Heat Incentive!!”

Now you can turn your heating bill into a cheque!

Thanks to the brand new Renewable Heat Incentive for homeowners you will not only SAVE money by heating your home with renewable energy, you will get PAID for doing your bit for greener energy.

It?s easy to start making money from installing an air or ground source heat pump, biomass (wood pellet) boiler, or solar thermal – these renewable energy technologies all qualify for Domestic RHI payments.

Our outstanding service includes:

  • 25kW Air Source Heat PumpFree survey at your home with your local EnergyMyWay director.
  • Advice. Information. Price. No hard-sell – ever.
  • MCS-accredited installation of your heat pump, biomass boiler or solar hot water system.
  • Reduced heating bills – switching from oil to biomass earns you the most, with savings of up to 40% on your bill
  • RHI payments of hundreds of pounds a year, directly to you

EnergyMyWay, your local renewable energy experts, help you understand your options and make the best decision for your home.

25kW Biomass ?wood pellet? Boiler Suitable for older properties with no cavity wall insulation. SAVE up to 40% on your heating bill EARN c. £1,800 per year for 7 years
16kW Air Source Heat Pump Suitable for integrating with under floor heating. SAVE up to a third on your heating bill EARN c. £800 per year for 7 years
16kW Ground Source Heat Pump Suitable for larger plots. SAVE over a third on your heating bill EARN c. £2,200 per year for 7 years

Why use EnergyMyWay for your renewable energy installation?

1. Local. Based in Cheshire, EnergyMyWay have a great reputation for quality work and excellent customer care in renewable energy across the whole West Cheshire and North Wales areas.

2. Quality. We ask all our customers for feedback on our and products. ?Quality? is a word that is used again and again. We are accredited installers of top quality brands, including Effecta, Earthsave, Dimplex, Froling and ETA.Jake Johnson - EnergyMyWay Cheshire West - Renewable Energy Consultant

3. Personal Service. Regional Director Jake Johnson will personally carry out your FREE SURVEY, giving you all the advice you need.

4. Honest. We will only recommend solutions that will work for your home and give you the best results.

5. 99.7% Recommended. In a recent survey 99.7% of customers said they would recommend EnergyMyWay.

For advice on renewable energy heating and to find out if your home qualifies for the Domestic RHI (most properties do), call Jake on 07890 307295 or email

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