Solar PV Battery Storage

Battery storage for your solar electricity

Solar energy day and night

Solar PV panels generate electricity during daylight hours. Until recently this meant relying on electricity from the grid after dark. The new range of solar PV battery storage systems enable you to capture the energy generated by your solar panels, store it and use it at any time of the day or night.

Now you can make the most of every bit of free electricity your solar PV panels produce and reduce your dependence on traditional power providers.

Store now. Use later

Solar PV battery storage systems allow you to:

  • Use every bit of solar you generate
  • Minimise your electricity bill
  • Gain independence from utility companies
  • Have total visibility of your electricity use


Solar independence

Using Solar PV battery storage means you will have very little need for electricity from the national grid.

Why send solar energy back to the grid when you’re not using it, only to buy it back at a higher price when you need it? Solar battery storage ensures you keep all the free solar energy you generate.

This graph shows how your electricity bill is cut to a fraction of your current costs, while you enjoy a healthy, tax-free income from the Feed-in Tariff every year for 20 years.

Solar Battery Backup bill savings and income

Annual subsidy income
Without SolarWith SolarSolar with
storage system
Without SolarWith SolarSolar with
storage system
Annual cost of electricity
Costs and incomes are based on a real installation. See our case study Solar PV earns 14% return for Kent homeowners for more details.

Market leading technology

The Solar PV battery storage systems we install are designed by market leaders who have developed the most sophisticated, long-lasting battery technology.

Our engineers have researched the market thoroughly and will only recommend solar battery solutions that will give you the best returns and the most robust guarantees.  Battery storage systems are not an MCS recognized product and are not subject to the MCS standards or the RECC.




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