Roof-integrated Solar Panels

Elegant in-roof solar panels and flush-fit mounting kits

Function and form

Solar Panels really can look this good.

In-roof Solar PV panels replace your tiles to sit neatly within the roofline for a slimline, elegant look.

Viridian Solar make some of the most aesthetically pleasing solar panels on the market.

Their matching roof-integrated Solar PV and Solar Thermal modules can be fitted together, and can be interlocked or sit separately to give the appearance of a skylight.

Viridian Solar

The slimline, ultra-strong design of these Solar Panels from Viridian means they can be fitted in-roof for a discreet Solar array that works in harmony with your property.

Viridian’s Clearline Solar Panels have been awarded the BBA certificate for approval as a building material. This makes them popular with architects and self-builders as they are not only an elegant solution, but as reliable as any other certified roof finish.

To find out more about Viridian solar panels for your property, call 0845 871 3181 for free advice, or find your nearest EnergyMyWay.

Viridian Solar Panels at EnergyMyWay

Make any Solar Panel in-roof

This Solar Panel tray-mounting system replaces your roof tiles to fit flush within your roofline.

The mounting kit can be used with any roof material and any standard solar panel, giving you more flexibility over your style and budget.

Your local specialist from EnergyMyWay can advise you on our range of in-roof Solar Panel systems.

GSE in-roof solar mounting kit

Solar Tiles

Roof-integrated Solar Tiles like these ones can be matched with many conventional tiles to suit homes of any age and style.

They can be integrated with existing slates, or can be used to cover a whole roof for maximum output and a seamless finish.

Talk to your local EnergyMyWay specialist for advice on your options for roof integrated Solar Panels.

Romag Solar Slates (image from Romag website)

How Solar Panels work

Solar Panels capture solar irradiation and convert it into free, green electricity for your home.

Your home will use both electricity from your Solar Panels and from the electricity grid. When you generate more solar electricity than you are using, the excess is automatically sold back to the grid.


How Solar PV Panels work

Are roof-integrated Solar Panels right for you?

Most properties are suitable for Solar Panels, and with clever in-roof mounting kits and more slimline panel options than ever before, attractive Solar Panels are an option for everyone.

Don’t be put off if you don’t have the perfect roof. We are experts at working around chimneys, velux windows or other obstructions.

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