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Home Automation Made Simple

Controling your lighting, heating, and home security

Automate your home and save energy

With our home automation system you can save energy and money: It ensures, for example, that standby devices are automatically switched off, and that you use your own self-produced electricity efficiently.

You don’t even have to think about it, your home automation system has all the tasks taken care of automatically, so you can sit back and enjoy saving energy at home.

Controlled by you

Muti-zone heating – individual heating in every room saving energy and money

Electricity monitoring – allows you to use your energy intelligently and efficiently

Bespoke security – you can create your own intruder response system

Multi-room audio – individualise your music for every room

Lighting control – create your perfect lighting for your home

Blinds & shading – control your blinds and integrate with your alarm


Multi-zone heating

Unlike a single smart thermostat, which can only manage the heating for one zone, our Smart Home system is an intelligent heating solution which allows you to control room temperature individually. By ‘zoning’ your heating, you could save you up to £400 off an average dual fuel bill of £1385*.

Isn’t it time you stopped paying to heat a room that you’re not using? If you only sit in your living room in the evenings, why waste money heating it in the mornings?

*Figures from Ofgem, 2014


Simplify your lighting

With the complete home automation package you can control your lighting scenes so that you can set up different lighting styles depending on the time of day, the activity you are doing or if you are having a dinner party or watching a movie.

The lighting, especially if you use LED lights, can be personalised to how you want your lighting and you can easily change it whenever the mood takes you.


Electricity Monitoring

Now you can get even more savings from your solar panels when you integrate them with our home automation system.

During the daytime you can specificially use your self-produced electricity to run appliances. At night standby devices can automatically be switched off to reduce power consumption.

You can even optimise your consumption to enable appliances such as dishwashers to run automatically when free electricity is available.

Romag in-roof Solar PV tiles

Bespoke Security

Our home automation system is modular and you can have an advanced defence mechanisms to daunt even the most determined intruder. By combining the features of your home automation system with existing components around your home, you can enjoy a comprehensive smart alarm system, without the expensive set up costs. Of course, the system is future-proof and can be expanded at any time.


Multi room audio

By using the purpose designed music server you can play different music or radio stations into any room in the house.  The music server has air play functionality built in so you can stream from you apple devices to any of the speakers or link the system upto your spotify accounts.  The Music server comes with a terabyte of storage so you can store your entire music library directly on the server.



Blinds and Shading

Even your blinds can be controlled by our home automation system. In the morning you can be woken up by natural light and the energy of the sun will be harnessed to asist the heating of your home. Later in the day shade is provided to keep rooms from getting too hot, and at dusk your blinds will close to give you privacy.

You can integrate your blinds with your security system so you can appear to be in residence and deter intruders.