Domestic Ground Source Heat Pumps

The 'Rolls Royce' of renewable heating solutions

Efficient, invisible heating

Ground Source Heat Pumps extract energy from the earth to provide all your heating and hot water.

We recommend Ground Source Heat Pumps to people who want the very best and most efficient renewable energy solution.

Ground Source Heat Pumps continue to work through the worst of the UK’s weather, 365 days a year, from Scotland to Cornwall.

Ground Source Heat Pump benefits

  • The most efficient heat pump technology
  • Unobtrusive and environmentally friendly
  • Cuts your bills by Between 40% – 60% compared to Oil
  • Claim £6,000 towards the installation costs via the Governments Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • Costs of installation covered by subsidy

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Technology that pays for itself

Domestic Ground Source Heat Pumps qualify for a £6,000 grant vis the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

This grant is a one off £6,000 payment, tax-free and is designed to make it easy for you to afford a Ground Source Heat Pump.

Domestic Ground Source Heat Pump running costs and income

Costs and incomes are based on a property requiring 28000 kWh of space and hot water heating. Gas at 10p/kWh, Oil at 9p/kWh, Electricity at 28p/kWh

How Ground Source Heat Pumps work

Ground Source Heat Pumps are discreet, highly efficient systems, which use an underground heat exchanger via a ground loop or bore hole.

They extract heat from the ground and concentrate it to provide the heat you need for your hot water and central heating all year round.

How Ground Source Heat Pumps work

Is my property suitable?

Modern Ground Source Heat Pumps require less land than their predecessors and can even be fitted to properties with gardens just a few metres wide.

Ground Source Heat Pumps work extremely well for well-insulated properties and integrate very effectively with underfloor heating. They are an outstanding, environmentally friendly investment for people intending to stay in their property for the long-term.

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The best Heat Pump for you

Ground Source Heat Pumps are a proven technology designed to enjoy a long trouble-free life. We only recommend quality products that we have tested and have been proven to perform consistently over the long-term.

NIBE Ground Source Heat Pump

Fitted in 5 easy steps

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