Biomass Boilers:
Frequently Asked Questions

What fuel is biomass the best replacement for?

Biomass boilers are particularly suitable for rural properties running LPG or oil-fired boilers. The new generation of biomass boilers provides a brilliant alternative and can directly replace your current boiler, using wood pellets or chippings as the fuel source to heat your water.

What are the options for funding a Biomass Boiler installation?

There are three ways to fund your Biomass Boiler:

  • Pay for the boiler yourself. This is by far the best option if you can afford to as you will receive all the pay-outs from the Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Lease the boiler using Energy Efficiency Financing. We?re now offering Energy Efficiency Financing through our partnership with Siemens Financial Services and The Carbon Trust ? so you can lease your new biomass boiler and use your RHI rewards to cover the lease payments.
  • Opt for a free biomass installation where you will benefit from the bill savings BUT you sacrifice the lucrative RHI payments.

Learn more about paying for your Biomass Boiler and how much you can save and earn in our Infographic.