Why You Should Be Researching Ground Source Heat Pumps – Not Geothermal Energy

We?ve seen the two terms used almost interchangeably, but they have different uses

Whilst there are some obvious similarities between geothermal and ground source heat pump systems, there are also some important, and crucial, differences. Both of these systems rely on extracting and harnessing energy from below ground and, as a result, this similarity often leads to misinformation and confusion between the two terms, which can potentially be off-putting to those considering domestic systems. Here, we explain the basic differences and how both homeowners and businesses in the UK can potentially benefit by utilising the energy trapped in the ground:

Ground Source Heat Pumps vs Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is generated via large power plants, and extracts heat and energy stored a few miles underground to be used on a large scale. This requires huge wells to be drilled into the earth to extract heat from the ground. The cost of a geothermal energy system makes it prohibitive to heat individual homes and is only used for larger commercial properties and communities.

Ground Source Heat Pumps vs Geothermal Energy

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Unlike geothermal energy, ground source heat pumps rely on the energy from the sun heating the ground. A ground source heat pump harvests the energy in the ground from 1.8m deep if you use a horizontal loop system or up to 100m deep if you are using a bore hole system. Ground source heat pump systems are an effective way to heat and provide hot water to individual buildings and are a highly efficient, discreet and renewable energy solution. They are also effective all year round, throughout the whole of the UK, generating heat through even the worst of British weather.

Even small gardens can potentially benefit from heat pump energy technology

Ground source heat pumps work via an underground heat exchanger to extract heat and concentrate it for use with hot water tanks and other outlets such as radiators. These systems can be adapted to accommodate gardens that are just a several metres square, and can cut heating bills by up to 60% in comparison to fossil fuels such as LPG.

Ground source heat pump systems can also earn money back through the government Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, which is designed to encourage you to use renewable energy by paying you back for the cost of installation. Ground source heat pump systems are suitable for well-insulated homes and work particularly efficiently with underfloor heating, making them an ideal long-term heating solution for homeowners.

Find the ideal heat pump system for your property

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By: Louisa Stockley