What’s the best roof-integrated Solar Panel system?

At EnergyMyWay we install a complete range of Solar Panels for homes and Solar Panels for businesses.

We are experiencing a high demand for our elegant, roof-integrated Solar Panel systems, which replace your roof tiles or slates for a more streamlined finish. We put this down to a growing desire from property owners to lower their electricity bills and benefit from the Feed-in Tariff, but to do this while maintaining the good looks of their homes. Here we take a look at your options for roof integrated solar panel systems.

Your local EnergyMyWay consultant can give you personalised advice on the best roof-integrated Solar Panel system for your property.

Clearline Solar Panels from Viridian

In-roof, or roof-integrated, Solar PVSome of the most aesthetically pleasing roof integrated solar panel systems we install are these Clearline Solar Panels from Viridian. The slimline, elegant finish gives the appearance of velux windows or roof lights.

If you are considering both Solar PV (for your electricity) and Solar Thermal (for your hot water), this system offers matching roof integrated Solar Panels, which can be fitted together.

Viridian?s Clearline Solar Panels have been awarded the BBA certificate for approval as a building material, making them a popular choice with architects and self-builders.

To find out more about Viridian solar panels for your property, call 0845 371 3181 for free advice, or find your nearest EnergyMyWay.

Tray mounted Solar Panels

panelsOur tray mounted Solar Panel system from GSE can be used with most standard solar panels as an ?in-roof? rather than ?on-roof? system. The Solar Panel trays are mounted onto your roof batons and sit flush with your tiles to give your Solar Panels the attractive appearance of blending with the roof finish.

The picture here shows how our tray mounted roof-integrated Solar Panel system can be used as a roof finish, instead of tiles or slates. These panels can be installed in portrait or landscape format.

Solar Tiles

Romag Solar Slates (image from Romag website)Roof integrated Solar Tiles like these ones from Romag can be matched with many conventional tiles to suit homes of any age and style.

They can be integrated with existing slates, or can be used to cover a whole roof for maximum output and a seamless finish. Solar Tiles are our most discreet Solar Panel system and are especially popular with self-builders.

In-roof Solar Panels have all the benefits of on-roof systems

With roof-integrated Solar Panels you can maintain the good looks of your property and enjoy the financial rewards. All our Solar Panel installations are MCS accredited so you will qualify for government incentives available to you for renewable energy.

  • Cheaper energy bills when you use solar generated energy
  • 20 years of tax-free index-linked payments from the OfGem Feed-in Tariff
  • Returns on your investment of up to 15% every year

At EnergyMyWay we aim to find the best renewable energy solution to suit your property, your budget and your taste. Our local experts will give you honest advice and recommendations so you can choose the right solar panels for you.

Talk to your local EnergyMyWay specialist for advice on your options for roof integrated Solar Panels, or call 0845 371 3181 to speak to an expert.

James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.