What Are The New Feed-in Tariff Rates From August 2012

From the 1st August the Feed-in Tariff rates for Solar PV have been reduce to reflect the lower cost of the equipment.

We are able to offer our clients great rates of return on their Solar PV installations whilst still using high quality materials from reputable manufacturers.  If you are looking for a quality installation you should make sure your installer is using high quality products, we have heard of some installers using cheap isolators and other electrical equipment  to reduce their installation costs but there have now been several instances where isolators have short circuited and caught fire so buyer beware!  At EnergyMyWay we only use high quality electrical and PV equipment.

For the new Feed-in Tariff rates from 1st August please see the table below.

Energy SourceScaleGeneration Tariff (p/kWh)[A]Duration (years)
Anaerobic digestion?250kW9.2120
Anaerobic digestion >250kW<500kW8.4220
Hydro >15 - 100kW14.43
Hydro >100kW - 500kW11.4020
Hydro >500kW - 2MW8.9120
Solar PV?4kW new[C]12.4720
Solar PV?4kW retrofit[C]12.4720
Solar PV>4 - 10kW11.3020
Solar PV>10 - 50kW11.3020
Solar PV>50kW - 150kW9.6320
Solar PV>150kW - 250kW9.2120
Solar PV>250kW - 5MW5.9420
Solar PVStandalone4.2820
Wind>1.5 - 15kW13.7320
Wind>15 - 100kW13.7320
Wind>100 - 500kW10.8520
Wind>500kW - 1.5MW5.8920
Wind>1.5MW - 5MW2.4920



James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.