Solar PV works in Scotland!

Why is Scotland holding back on installing solar technology under the feed-in tariff? According to figures released by energy regulator Ofgem (since the introduction of the feed-in tariff scheme back in April 2010), Scotland has only benefitted from 3.5% of the number of solar pv installations in England.

Unfortunately, many Scots still believe that solar technology won?t work where they live.

The important message is that solar pv does not require sunshine, but sunlight. This means that those who have taken advantage of the feed-in tariff and installed solar power can generate their own renewable energy, even in the depths of winter. Looking into the amount of daylight hours in Aberdeen in comparison to London recently, the difference was just three minutes and one second. However, it was Aberdeen that received 12h 19m 37s and London that saw 12h 16m 36s.

Joe Robb

By: Joe Robb

Regional Director for EnergyMyWay Scotland, Joe brings expert renewable energy advice to local businesses, homes and communities. T: 01506 632810.