Solar PV before the latest Feed-in Tariff changes

EnergyMyWay recently pulled out all the stops for a customer in Louth, Lincolnshire.  A new surveying team, pictured right, was drafted in to assist Director Richard Jones with some of the key measurements!!!  This was all because of the latest changes to the Feed in Tariff that come into effect from 1st August and 11th hour requests for installations.  The customer in this case left a message on EnergyMyWay’s website on the evening of the 26th July, the survey was completed on the 27th with then the work undertaken on Sunday the 29th July.  This allowed the necessary paperwork to be submitted on time on the 30th July.

The customer decided to go for premium quality and appearance monocrystalline panels from Romag in their new entirely Black colouring along with a high quality inverter from the 2nd largest manufacturer in the world – Power?One.  A payback period of around 8 years has been predicted, although a customer just down the road with a similar aspect and the previous generation panels from Romag achieved more than 25% than predicted in the first year.

Commenting on the latest changes to the Solar PV tariffs, Richard Jones commented ‘Yet again EnergyMyWay were able to deliver when it came to this rush period before a tariff change ? the team are used to this now.  I am confident that with solar panel prices continuing to drop, that this will continue to prove an attractive investment opportunity for householders and businesses alike.’

Finished Installation

Richard Jones

By: Richard Jones

Richard Jones is a Chartered Surveyor and EnergyMyWay Regional Director helping homeowners, businesses and farmers find optimal renewable solutions in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.