Royal renewables: Biomass can get the Queen out of fuel poverty

Changing to carbon neutral biomass could ease the Queen?s fuel burden

Changing to carbon neutral biomass could ease the Queen?s fuel burden A biomass boiler is an efficient, sustainable way to produce heat, ideal for larger properties and businesses. In a recent article in The Times, writer Charles Clover discussed how the Queen could benefit from swapping to biomass and the Government incentives she could take advantage of.

These incentives can be very worthwhile and are an added bonus to using a renewable fuel source. But, as is often the way with Government schemes, these subsidies can seem complicated, and there were a couple of errors in the article itself.

Thankfully industry experts EnergyMyWay make sure you get the right information first time.

It seems that the Queen, like many of us up and down the country, is struggling with her fuel bills ? paying £700,000 per year for Buckingham Palace and the Mews only. This isn?t helped at all by the fact that the palace?s heating system is over half a century old and could cost up to £1 million to replace. This all adds up to her majesty spending more than 10% of her income on heating. The good news is that there is a way out of this situation with the help of the Government?s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

If the Queen were to start using biomass the royal family could take advantage of the RHI scheme and see their heating bill greatly reduced.

The domestic RHI will guarantee payments for a period of 7 years and non-domestic RHI for 20 years. So whichever the Queen categorised herself as ? a private property or a business  – she would be better off than she is now.

The amount you can expect to receive depends on various factors. The domestic RHI payments, in most cases, will be based on the heat demand estimated by the property?s Energy Performance Certificate. The non-domestic RHI payments are based on metered heat usage. A biomass boiler we recently installed at a farm in Devon receives over £7,000 per annum in RHI payments, so the Queen could expect great returns on her investment.

And it is not just the incentives that make biomass an attractive option, with fuel savings of up to 60%. The chippings do need a suitable dry storage area, and the Queen?s substantial estates are ideal – it would be easy to convert an old coach house into a pellet store.

Royal renewables: Biomass can get the Queen out of fuel povertyEveryone can benefit from switching to sustainable energy, from the Queen to your next-door-neighbour. Prince Charles has already moved over to biomass at Highgrove and we?d love to see more high-profile homes exulting its advantages.

Indeed, biomass can be an excellent choice for many types of people. Contact us for free, no-obligation survey to see if biomass is suitable for you.

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By: Louisa Stockley