EnergyMyWay Warwickshire are Planting for the Future

At EnergyMyWay Warwickshire we are committed to helping homeowners and businesses reduce their carbon emissions and improve the environment. Conscious of our own carbon footprint we contacted Carole Longden, Business Development Manager for the Heart of England Forest, to see if we could get involved, in a small way, with the creation of a new forest here in Warwickshire. So on Saturday 14 April Steve and his family visited the estate in Spernal, Warwickshire to get planting.

The Heart of England Forest is a charity established by Felix Dennis, a well known publisher, poet and philanthropist who lives locally, which aims to create the largest contiguous native broad leaf forest in the country, 30,000 acres in total, for the enjoyment of the public, to help battle climate change and as a lasting legacy. Since creating the first small wood in 1995, the charity has planted 1,900 acres of native broadleaf saplings and continues to plant around 300 acres every year as well as purchasing existing veteran woodland bordering the newly planted areas.

The project has also established a tree nursery to provide the saplings for planting and an education centre for the use of schools and groups interested in the project.

Energy My Way Warwickshire has committed to donate £25 to the forest for every installation completed, whether it be Solar PV , heat pump  , biomass or efficient lighting installation

Our customers need to know that we are passionate about our work and passionate about helping the environment and reducing climate change in whatever way we can.

You can read more about the creation of the forest at the Charities web site, see the web-link below;

Amanda Hobbins

By: Amanda Hobbins