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Totnes – The greenest town in the UK?

EnergyMyWay have recently opened an office in Totnes Devon offering our renewable energy services to perhaps the greenest town in the UK.

How much electricity does an average house consume?

Electricity bills are generally always based on estimates so do not actually give you an accurate picture of how many Kwh (kilo watt hours) of electricity you use.  There are some relative cheap devices you can install both in a domestic situation or a commercial building.  For households the  best one I’ve…

Revolution – the UK is looking to the skies for energy salvation

This article is worth reading as it gives a good overview of the growth of Solar PV in the UK, it does highlight that the renewable heat incentive is still being consulted on and is not yet confirmed for April 2011.  As soon as it is we will let you…

Where now with Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme

Where now with Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme.
The idea of PAYS is that a home owner can apply for a loan, either from the government directly or, more likely, from one of a number of proposed “commercial partners”, which will be secured against the property just like a mortgage. The PAYS loan is to be used to pay for a range of energy efficient home improvements such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, solar panels, heat pumps or anything which will either significantly reduce energy consumption, or generate heat or electricity.

Bob Wigley says green funding ‘can be much better spent’

Bob Wigley says green funding ‘can be much better spent‘: “His report proposes the abolition of nine low-carbon quangos and the creation of a green investment bank to help promote financing for renewable energy …

British Gas starts £15 million free solar installations scheme for schools

To kick-start its move into becoming a major solar energy installer in the UK, the country’s leading energy supplier, British Gas has started a £15 million project to supply 1,100 primary and secondary schools in total with free solar systems worth between £20,000 and £40,000 pounds per school over the…


It?s midsummer, the number of daylight hours is at its zenith and Britain?s fledgling solar-electricity industry is at its peak production. There is now a generous tariff paid for solar electricity exported to the grid, so putting panels up on your roof represents an excellent return on investment ? between…

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