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Renewable Energy: How do solar pv panels work?

A simple overview of how solar pv panels generate electricity, panels can be made from different types of crystals and the type of crystal used effects the performance of the panel and price. EnergyMyWay only use the best type of panels available from established manufacturers.

Renewable energy: Heat pumps what type of property is suitable?

There are three types of heat pumps, ground, air and water source heat pumps. Not every property is suited to heat pumps, for heat pumps to work effectively and to give the best results the property needs to be well insulated and draft proofed, heat pumps generally provide heat at…

Renewable Energy: Solar panel manufacturer invest £30m into UK market

Sharp are doubling the capacity of their UK manufacturing of solar photo voltaic panels in Wrexham and investing £30m to add new production lines so they can meet demand. “This time last year 99 percent of the modules that we manufactured at Wrexham were exported to Europe and that has…

Renewable Energy: Energy Bills Set To Keep Rising

Now is the time to start looking at installing solar pv panels for your home and your business as household energy bills set to increase by £300 per year according to an article in the Express today and business energy bills may increase by 26% in the next decade according…

Buying a home with poor energy efficiency could mean you pay higher stamp duty!

The new coalition government are considering increasing stamp duty by 0.5% on inefficient homes says a recent article in the Guardian. A new green tax being considered by the government could add £850 to the cost of buying a typical home ? and it would require the new owner to…

How to reduce your energy bills by 60%

Case study video on how to reduce your energy bills by up to 60% by insulating your property and installing solar pv and ground source heat pumps.

Totnes – The greenest town in the UK?

EnergyMyWay have recently opened an office in Totnes Devon offering our renewable energy services to perhaps the greenest town in the UK.

How much electricity does an average house consume?

Electricity bills are generally always based on estimates so do not actually give you an accurate picture of how many Kwh (kilo watt hours) of electricity you use.  There are some relative cheap devices you can install both in a domestic situation or a commercial building.  For households the  best one I’ve…

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