Nuclear power plant deal reveals extent of energy price rises

Today?s announcement of the go-ahead for the UK?s new nuclear station in Somerset adds further weight to the message that energy prices are set to soar. In the same week that three of the big six have revealed their dramatic electricity and gas price rises, consumers are left in no doubt that energy price increases show no sign of slowing down.

The agreed ?strike price? the government have committed for electricity produced from the Hinkley C nuclear plant, expected to be complete by 2023 is almost twice the current wholesale cost of electricity, suggesting that energy prices are expected to have at least doubled by then. So how can we reduce our reliance on the price of imported energy?

Renewable energy helps remove reliance on wholesale prices

EnergyMyWay urges homeowners and businesses to start thinking about renewable energy now. Technological advances in solar power, heat pumps and biomass boilers mean there?s now a solution for nearly every property, so it?s possible to take control of generating a high percentage of energy from renewable sources, removing reliance on the big six and wholesale prices.

Renewable energy will lower your bills for the long term

Your local EnergyMyWay expert can give you thorough advice on the best renewable energy solution for your property; domestic or business. We present you with your options for using renewable energy to generate electricity, hot water and heating and show you exactly how much you could be saving on your bills.

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By: Louisa Stockley