New Feed-in Tariff rate from July 2013

The government has confirmed a 3.5% drop in the current Feed-in Tariff from the end of June. The good news is that the new rate will have very little impact on returns for property owners who install Solar PV from 1st July.

EnergyMyWay anticipates that a standard 16-panel (4kW) system is likely to earn you approximately £20 less per year at the new rate, compared to panels installed before the end of June. The rate will be cut from 15.44p to 14.9p. Unlike previous tariff cuts, this has been anticipated.

Solar PV continues to be the UK?s number one choice of renewable energy for property owners. As Solar panels become more mainstream, prices of panels have dropped and technology has improved, meaning there is now a Solar PV solution for most properties.

With electricity prices continuing to rise, more and more property owners are using Solar to provide free electricity during daylight hours, whilst earning 20 years of tax-free payments from the Feed-in Tariff. The continued stability of the Feed-in Tariff supports the growth of Solar PV as a very sound investment.

If you wish to install Solar PV before the end of June, making the most of the current Feed-in Tariff, EnergyMyWay can install at short notice. Please contact your local office for more information or to arrange a free survey, call 0845 371 3181 or use the form below: