Merton Oil Buying Group joins EnergyMyWay’s Community Buying Scheme

The Merton Oil Buying Group has recently become the latest community-based group to benefit from the group-buying of renewable energy systems.

This new partnership follows the success of EnergyMyWay’s community buying initiatives with local Oxfordshire groups including:

  • Sustainable Wantage
  • Sustainable Woodstock
  • Thame and Haddenham in Transition
  • Kidlington vs Climate Change
  • Sustainable Kirtlington

If you are a member of the Merton Oil Buying Group and have concerns about rising energy costs, we can help you reduce your bills and benefit from community discounts on:

You have the assurance that your group has chosen to partner with a company with a strong reputation, excellent customer services, and knowledge and experience of all renewable and low energy products.

If you would like to find out more about how the community buying scheme works, and how we can help you lower your energy bills, please click here for more details.

Jason Hobbins

By: Jason Hobbins

Founder of EnergyMyWay, and Managing Director of the Oxford office, Jason Hobbins is a leading expert in the complete range of renewable energy technologies.