Latest Feed-in Tariff News

Yesterday DECC announced the result of its consultation on the Feed-in Tariffs.  The announcement has not clarified if those who installed between December 12th 2011 and March 3rd 2012 will receive 21p of 43.3p per kWh.  But has clarified the situation going forward from 3rd March onwards.

The main points are as follows:

  • Installations upto 4 kWp (retro fit) will receive 21p / kWh from 1st April 2012
  • Properties must have a EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of D or higher to be eligible for the Feed-in Tariffs
  • More than 25 installations registered to one entity will receive a reduced rate (80%) FiT
  • A mechanism for reviewing the rate of the tariffs quarterly has been introduced

EnergyMyWay welcomes the clarity on the rate going forward and will continue to offer our clients a good rate of return and an excellent service.  We will help our clients assess the energy efficiency of their properties as well help them generate their own energy by installing renewable technologies.

You can read the full announcement from DECC here

If you would like further information on renewable or energy efficiency please contact your local EnergyMyWay office.

James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.