Kingspan Wind Turbines

EnergyMyWay Become Accredited Installers for Kingspan Wind Turbines

We are pleased to announce that they have become approved installers for Kingspan Wind Turbines. Kingspan acquired Proven, a well established wind turbine manufacturer, in the last quarter of 2011 and now sell the turbines as Kingspan Wind Turbines.  Kingspan are one of the largest players in the supply of renewable products to the UK market and have a turnover of approx. £1.5bn.

Kingspan produce two small scale wind turbines the KW3 and KW6 (3kw and 6kw turbines) and are soon to release onto the market the KW15.  Kingspan only sell their turbines through  their accredited installer network who are trained to install the turbines at their factory facility near Glasgow.

The Kingspan wind turbines are known for their robustness and simplicity, they do not have any gears or complicated electronics which add to servicing and maintenance costs and only require a bi-annual service unlike many comparable wind turbines.  Also they are very good at harvesting wind at higher wind speeds due to their patented hinged blade mechanism where other turbines have to shut down the Kinspan Wind Turbines keep on turning and generating electricity.

If you would like more information about the Kingspan Wind Turbines then please contact your local EnergyMyWay office or call 0845 371 3181.


James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.