Installing Solar PV in Lincolnshire is a wise investment

Installing Solar PV in Lincolnshire is a wise investment according to ING Direct, as nearly 4 in 10 potential property purchasers think it is the most desirable extra.

Mortgage company ING Direct recently published a survey that had asked potential property owners what was the most desirable property extra.  This survey revealed that 38% thought a Solar PV installation was the most desirable property extra ? this was top of a list of many items including things such as Satellite TV and walk-in wardrobes.

The tough residential market means that owners are always keen to find ways of boosting the attractiveness of their home – Solar PV panels are seen as themost desirable extra.  ING Direct considers that this surge in Solar PV?s popularity is because the UK public are becoming more and more concerned with sustainability and rising energy costs.

Flat Roof Solar PV Installation Lincolnshire


Set out below is the ING Direct survey?s top ten list of most desirable property extras:

1          Solar panels (38 percent)

2=       Weekly bin collections (32 percent)

2=       Satellite TV connection (32 percent)

4          Greenhouse (25 percent)

5          Walk-in wardrobe (24 percent)

6          Good 3G signal (20 percent)

7          Giant bathtub (19 percent)

8=       Outdoor power supply (18 percent)

8=       Pantry or larder (18 percent)

10        Garden pond (15 percent)

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Richard Jones

By: Richard Jones

Richard Jones is a Chartered Surveyor and EnergyMyWay Regional Director helping homeowners, businesses and farmers find optimal renewable solutions in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.