High Returns From Renewable Energy Beat Bank Interest Rates

In an age of low interest rates the returns available from renewable energy prove a very attractive alternative to your bank or building society account! ? and it?s great for the environment too!

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are an attractive way for you to make money, as well as save on your own electricity bills. This is because you can get paid for the electricity that your solar panels produce.

Tax Free, Index Linked returns Guaranteed for 20 Years

Under the government’s feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme, payments are guaranteed for 20 years, the price per kilowatt of energy is also index-linked, meaning that it will rise with the retail prices index (RPI) measure of inflation annually, and all proceeds you make from the FIT are free from tax.

Returns have improved due to lower solar panel prices, meaning lower costs to install

The costs of new technologies continue to fall as more people adopt them and manufacturers benefit from lower costs of production (economies of scale) ~ just consider the cost of flat screen TV?s today compared to when they first came out ~ and it?s the same with Solar panels. The cost of panels has fallen dramatically in the last few years as more and more people around the world have switched on to the benefits of clean, green, renewable energy.

Returns today are as good as they?ve ever been ? even at the height of the FiT payments

It?s true that the Government has reduced the FiT payments over the last two years, but the returns on your investment have never been better because the installation costs have more than halved during this time also. The lower install costs also mean that more and more people are finding they can afford to invest in solar pv electricity generation.

There has never been a better time to consider investing in Solar PV

With lower installation costs than ever before, attractive tax free, index linked returns that are guaranteed by the Government for 20 years, there really has never been a better time to invest in Solar PV, especially when you consider the extremely low interest rates available from your Bank or Building Society.

What?s more, with the Governments new ?Green Deal? scheme you can spread the installation costs over the next 20 years, so you don?t even need the cash up front to start benefiting. And if you are thinking of moving home during this time don?t worry either as the Green Deal agreement stays with the property so the new owners who will benefit from the solar installation after you have moved will also pick up the remaining bill through their electricity bill.

Adding solar PV can also add value to your home as recent surveys found that renewable energy installations were a sought after feature on house sale particulars, due to the protection offered from escalating energy bills. Oh, and with new advancements in technology such as thin film panels, and solar slates this can not only make it an attractive investment, it can also be an attractive addition to your roof as well!

To find out what level of return you could receive from the governments Feed in Tariffs (FiT) for installing solar renewable energy, or for expert advice on how the complete range of renewable energy solutions available for your home, school or business can help to reduce your energy costs, please visit the Cheshire East regional page or call me (Charles) on 0161 917 2715 or mobile 07734 973450 or email me at charles.holland@energymyway.co.uk. I?d be delighted to help you.

By: Louisa Stockley