Ground Mount Solar Success

A farm-based ground mount solar system installed by EnergyMyWay in Oxfordshire has provided over 1,000 units of electricity per installed Kilowatt in its first year.  The 50kWp system, installed in April 2013 at Northfield Orchard Farm in Oxfordshire, outperformed its Year 1 yield estimate by 19%, generating 51,000kWh per kWp.

Landowner Nick Frost, of Frost Farms, commented:  “EnergyMyWay’s technical expertise set them apart when we were attracting PV quotes for our grain store.  Given a challenging site, they squeezed every ounce of performance out of the array which generated some £1,450 more in revenues than we had expected in the first year”

EnergyMyWay?s best performing ground mount system to date, installed on a farm in Essex in 2011, outstripped its Year 1 performance estimate by 35% – and the company has high expectations for the system it installed in March 2014 for Oxford University at their Swindon Book Storage Facility.

See full details of the Northfield Orchard Farm ground mount Solar PV project.

Debbi Carter

By: Debbi Carter