Future-proof your business and generate extra income

Do you rely on oil, LPG or electric heating?

UK businesses are being offered a powerful source of revenue from installing biomass boilers

Installing a Biomass Boiler could be one of the best financial investments you make. If your business currently relies on oil, LPG or electric heating your fuel bill will be considerably lower and you?ll receive payments that will not only cover the installation costs within 5 years but also generate an income over the following 20 years, a bonus that your business can?t ignore.

Turn your commercial premises into a powerful source of revenue

Biomass is a carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuel. It is an ideal heating solution that runs on low-cost wood chips or pellets. Not only is it good for the environment but the generous payments, from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme means that businesses up and down the country are profiting from making the switch.

This Government has set aside £860 million for the Non-Domestic RHI – money that you could be entitled to by simply swapping to a more efficient form of energy. We help businesses all over the UK access this fund so you benefit from what can be a very profitable investment.

The facts about Biomass Boilers:Wood pellets for a biofuel boiler

  • Biomass is 25% cheaper than oil to run
  • It pays for itself in less than five years
  • You are guaranteed returns of up to 25% for 20 years, index linked, from the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme

How much can I expect to earn from a biomass boiler?

Of course, the amount you will receive from the RHI will depend on the size of your boiler. But as experienced installers, EnergyMyWay, has many satisfied customers who have made considerable returns on their investment. Here are two examples of how financially rewarding Biomass can be:

Commercial oil heating vs biomass heating

See how much these companies are earning and saving from commercial biomass:

Burning wood pellets in biomass boilerIt?s the perfect time of year to make the switch. Don?t wait until it?s cold outside, have your Biomass Boiler fitted today and reap the rewards when winter comes.

Biomass makes business sense. Future-proof your business and generate a very desirable extra income at the same time.

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By: Louisa Stockley