Free yourself from soaring heating bills

Burning wood pellets in biomass boilerNew subsidy means you can now get paid generously for using renewable energy to heat your home

Thanks to a brand new government subsidy, the Renewable Heat Incentive, your expensive heating bills can now be a thing of the past.

Why NOW is the perfect time to think about a heat pump or biomass boiler:

  • You will save £000?s. Watch your heating bills drop by up to 50% when you start using renewable energy.
  • You get paid. Tax-free, index linked payments for 7 years, simply for installing a ground or air source heat pump, biomass boiler or solar thermal system.
  • You?re in control. By generating your own energy to heat your home, you will reduce your dependence on energy suppliers.
  • You are protected. As traditional heating fuel prices continue to soar, your renewable energy will save you even more.
  • It?s sustainable. Renewable energy now makes long-term financial sense as well as a cleaner, greener heating solution.

It?s easy to start making money from installing a heat pump or biomass (wood pellet) boiler

Thanks to the brand new Renewable Heat Incentive for homeowners you will not only SAVE money by heating your home with renewable energy, you will get PAID for doing your bit for greener energy.

How much can you save from renewable energy?

These are typical examples for a 3-bed property, with savings calculated against current oil prices. EnergyMyWay will advise you on the most appropriate system for your individual property and your anticipated savings and returns.

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