Free Commercial Biomass Boilers – Save up to 40% on your heating bills

If you are fed up with ever increasing heating bills in your business, but don?t have the funds to install an energy efficient biomass boiler, we now offer a fully funded option that allows you to install a brand new biomass boiler for free.

Switching to biomass means you save up to 40% on your heating bills, and are eligible to receive money back through the Government?s RHI scheme.

So what?s the catch?

Although incredibly efficient, biomass boilers are expensive to install, and businesses may struggle to find the upfront capital needed to buy a biomass boiler.  We now offer fully funded biomass boiler installations ? you receive a free boiler and much cheaper heating bills (up to 40% cheaper), and the investor claims your RHI payments.

Paying for your biomass boiler yourself will always be the best option, as you save money on your energy bills and keep the high financial rewards from the RHI scheme.

Financial example of free Biomass versus paid-for Biomass

FREE 199kW BoilerPAID-FOR 199kW Boiler
Installation cost£0Around £80,000
RHI rewards£0£634,000 over 20 years
Estimated bill savings*Around £8,700 p.a.Around £8,700 pa
Total £ benefitAround £8,700 p.a. in bill savings£634,000 over 20 years plus around £8,700 pa in bill savings
* in this example, switching from oil to biomass

As you can see, paying for your boiler yourself will give you substantial returns. This example is based on a 199kW biomass boiler and your financial rewards will increase for larger boilers.

Your local EnergyMyWay director can advise you on the right size boiler for your business and what financial returns to expect.

What is the RHI?

The government are paying high financial rewards for anyone switching to carbon efficient heating. This is because it needs to meet the UK?s carbon reduction targets and that can only be achieved through mainstream adoption of renewable energy.

The cash rewards from the government?s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) are designed to make renewable energy extremely financially attractive, way beyond just the bill savings. These high returns have attracted credible investors who will fund your biomass boiler in return for some or all of the RHI payments.

So if you want to start reducing your energy costs now, opting for a free biomass boiler could be the best way to save up to 40% on your bills.

Why choose a free Biomass Boiler option?

We recommend only choosing a free biomass boiler option if you don?t have the funds to pay for the installation yourself. If you can afford it, paying for your own boiler will ensure those high financial rewards from the RHI land directly on your bottom line.

The simple rule is, the more you are able to put in, the more you will get back. However, if capital is tight, a free biomass boiler is still an excellent option, you will immediately receive substantial bill savings and own a brand new, highly efficient boiler.

Find out more about Biomass Boilers and the RHI

If you?d like advice about whether a free Biomass Boiler is the right choice for your business or your community, please contact your local EnergyMyWay or call us on 0845 371 3181

By: Louisa Stockley