Filtered Water and Home Heating from Bore-Holes

Generate heat from the ground, and get a naturally filtered water supply at the same time!

Did you know that the vast majority of most properties in the UK are sitting on a readily accessible source of heating? Water!

Diagram from the UK Groundwater ForumThe water table is an abundant source of heat which is at a consistent temperature of between 10-15 degrees centigrade all year round, even during the depths of winter.

What?s more the water quality is excellent as it?s naturally filtered not chemically treated as comes through your tap, and what?s more you own it. The Water Act of 2003 allows anyone to access the water beneath their property and to pump up to 20,000 litres (the size of a small swimming pool!) every day, without an abstraction license. More than enough, even for the largest of household, school or business.

High quality naturally filtered water and a consistent source of heating combined, which you already own ? and the Government will even pay you to extract it through the new Renewable Heat Incentive. Sounds too good to be true, I know, but it is actually true.

Accessing it is easier than you might think, in fact the Scandinavians have been extracting fresh water and heating their homes with it for years. It?s called an open loop bore hole.

Bore-hole diagramThe Water Extraction Process

Simply speaking two 9 inch diameter bore holes are drilled to access the water table (usually about 20-30 metres beneath your garden). And a pump is inserted to extract the water. As the bore holes are only 20-30 metres deep the drilling equipment required is compact and fits on the back of a Land Rover trailer so there are few access issues, and causes very minimal disruption.

Water samples are then taken several weeks apart to test for water quality and consistency and a specialist water analysis report is produced. Once tests confirm the quality of the water, this can be connected directly to your plumbing to provide fresh water or passed through a further filtration system if required.

Bore-hole for filtered water and home heatingThe Heat Extraction Process

Once the bore holes are in place the warm water is extracted from one bore hole and passed through a heat exchanger and heat pump which extracts the heat and amplifies the temperature until it reaches circa 50-60c degrees. This can then be circulated through your radiators, under floor heating and hot water tank to provide a constant source of heating and hot water. You will probably need to upgrade your water tank and possibly your radiators for maximum benefit. The cool water is then passed back through to the second bore hole and returned to the ground to be heated up again naturally, and the process continues.

Through the Government’s new Renewable Heat Incentive you will be paid for every KW of heat you produce at a set rate (index linked) for the next 7 years, which will cover the costs of installing the bore hole water and heating system. You will then be left with a natural heating and water supply for many years to come, oh, and a very nice taste in your mouth afterwards!

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By: Louisa Stockley