EnergyMyWay sign deal to install Windtronics award winning wind turbines

Turbine-on-Roof blog post 5th April 2011EnergyMyWay are now able to supply and install the award winning Windtronics wind turbine. This revolutionary turbine is a low cost highly efficient turbine, its innovative design means it doesn’t suffer from vibration and works in a wind range of winds speeds and can adapt to gusts and change of directions instantly.

The award-winning WindTronics BTPS6500 pushes back the barriers of wind energy technology and is now arguably the most technically advanced small wind turbine in the market. Its patented gearless Blade Tip Power System (BTPS) creates energy at the blade tips, rather than through a central gear and rotor which in most turbines creates resistance. Subsequently it has the ability to capture and convert a wider range of wind energy with consequent output efficiency and significant cost benefits to the user.

Video showing turbine working at low wind speeds.