EnergyMyWay opens offices in Devon

Another EMW renewable energy installEnergyMyWay opens in Devon this month (September 2010), and is helping people understand the different energy-saving products on the market and the financial incentives the government has introduced to reward the use of renewable energy, the Feed-In tariffs.

With so many options available, and companies appearing to offer ?too-good-to-be-true? benefits, it is easy for people to get confused about which products would benefit them most.

But, EnergyMyWay offers a consultancy and installation service which not only explains the best solutions on offer, but also gives sound advice to homeowners and professionals about how they can generate electricity from domestic solar panels and wind turbines, find sustainable alternatives to oil and traditoinal heating methods, save money and actually be paid hundreds of pounds a year for installing renewables.

David Stevenson, regional director of EnergyMyWay, said: ?Having spent eight years as a property developer in the South West, I couldn?t help but notice how many green products were coming onto the market and what a huge difference they can make to the running costs of property.

?However, despite the products promising to save money and the environment there was no co-ordinated approach to advising people of what would most suit their needs, their property and their budget, so I decided to set up EnergyMyWay in Devon.?

EnergyMyWay already has a base in Oxford which is giving residents and businesses exactly what they need as the whole ethos of the company is completely customer focused. But, David, 39, believes the West Country is failing to offer its residents and business owners the same service.

?Our consultants spend time with property owners getting a real understanding of what the owner wants to achieve, what the property can support, and how the current energy resources are used. We do not sell one particular renewable energy product, we advise on and install what is right for the client and what they want to achieve. Hence the name, EnergyMyWay.?

David, said he hopes the launch of EnergyMyWay in Devon will drive a boom in renewable energy investments by individuals, communities and small businesses and help people understand more about them and the benefits they offer.

The launch of EnergyMyWay (which is MCS Accredited) coincides with heightened interest in the government?s new Feed-in Tariff, which could see property owners getting up to 10% return on their investment, from selling electricity generated by their solar panels and wind turbines.

?People need to understand exactly what the benefits are and how to make the right decision for the long term? explains David, ?The Feed-in Tariff and the forecast Renewable Heat Incentive, which will relate to heat pumps and solar hot water, are undoubtedly attractive, but its essential to get the right advice before embarking on changes to your property that will have long-term implications.?

James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.