EnergyMyWay Birmingham and The Black Country Attended the finditinsandwell breakfast event on the 12th January 2012

The finditinsandwell breakfast event was aimed at local businesses and showcased the ambitious housing development programme that Sandwell Council has formulated. This will deliver over 2000 sustainable new homes through a partnership agreement between Sandwell Council and 9 developers appointed to Sandwell?s housing framework. Many of the partners were exhibiting at the event offering advice and support to local companies.

The programme will generate significant demand for building materials and labour through the local supply chain and as a local company EnergyMyWay will seek to apply our skills and credentials to be part of these medium to long term programmes.

The development programme highlights a commitment to provide high quality sustainable housing that could incorporates renewable energy technology.  Sandwell has a long history of pioneering new technology in house building and refurbishment. Solar PV has already been used on a high rise block on the Lyng in excess of 10 years and the current development at The Lyng West Bromwich continues the approach with the use of solar PV and solar thermal. Normally, this would be an option for house builders but Sandwell has set it as a key requirement. This is in line with the drive to achieve zero carbon homes.

Another local example is the award winning Cross Street South scheme by Bromford Housing in Wolverhampton

In the future new homes are likely to need to integrate some source of renewable energy in order to meet government commitments to reduce carbon emissions. Provision of hot water and heating in these new homes will be much easier and affordable as energy prices continue their upward trend. It makes sense to stipulate that house builders must apply these standards in order to plan for a future where fossil fuels become scarce and energy becomes more expensive. Clearly new homes will be much more energy efficient whereas the vast majority of the existing housing stock will need to play catch up.

Existing homeowners who currently do not have any form of renewable energy should remember that it is easily retro fitted with minimal disturbance. In turn this is likely to add value to your home but more importantly future proof it so that you are insured against rising energy supply costs. Allied to simple changes in lifestyle the savings could be significant.

EnergyMyWay can advise homeowners, businesses and community and voluntary groups of all the options available by carrying out a free survey at your property.

James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.