Effecta Wood Pellet Boilers Provide Incredible Flexibility

EnergyMyWay has been installing Effecta wood pellet boilers in Lincolnshire for over 3 years now.  The latest generation of boilers offer a great deal of flexibility in how they can be connected to British heating systems.

Five of their new Komplett III biomass boilers have been installed in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire in the last few months using different configurations.

One of the key aspects of design is that there are a number of configurations that can help minimise the space needed, which is often a key problem with installations in the UK.  The boilers feature:

  1. Left and right-handed versions
  2. Auger or vacuum feed or otherwise there is an on-board storage for bag fill
  3. In certain situations the boiler can operate in a similar way to a ?combi? boiler and avoid the need for a hot water cylinder
  4. The ability to connect directly into a heating system through a S Plan configuration, whilst still ensuring the boiler is protected from the risk of internal condensation. Practically this can mean that a buffer tank can be avoided in situations where space is tight
  5. The heating system can be fully controlled from the boiler with the ability to control several heating zones and to set different temperatures for each zone at different times of day and night