Does Solar PV Still Make Sense – Yes!

Returns on Solar PV at new Feed-in Tariff rates remains healthy investment

When asked to comment on whether there is a future for Solar PV, since the government has declared its intention to slash the Feed-in Tariff by more than 50%.  The simple answer is ?YES?.

Why new Feed-in Tariff rates still deliver high returns on Solar PV

1. Electricity bills are still rising dramatically so you will save more and more over time by creating your own electricity from Solar PV.

2. Solar PV panel prices have dropped significantly so a much smaller investment is now required to install them.

At the new panel prices, EnergyMyWay?s Solar PV customers are looking at around a 10% return on their investment on the proposed new Feed-in Tariff rate.

Solar PV still makes financial sense

Solar PV still makes environmental sense

Please contact your EnergyMyWay regional director for more information on the returns from Solar PV at the new Feed-in Tariff rates or for a free survey.

James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.