Commercial RHI Market is Growing

Businesses in the Lincs and Notts region are still keen to install renewable heating and benefit from generous financial rewards.



The Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) market is still developing. Here in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, we can report that the demand for biomass boilers supported by the Non-Domestic RHI is on the increase despite the focus being squarely on the forthcoming launch of the Domestic RHI scheme.

According to Regional Director, Richard Jones,

“Following the initial demand for commercial heating installations really starting at the back end of 2012, the growth in renewable energy enquiries has snowballed in 2013 with demand coming from those mainly rural locations where the benefits of the scheme are now becoming more widely known. 

The demand is mainly coming from two places ? farms and also locations where more than one residential property can be combined so that the Non-Domestic RHI scheme applies.”

EnergyMyWay provides high quality installations of wood pellet and wood chip biomass boilers from leading renewable heat manufacturers, including ETA, Effecta and Froling.

The benefits of the commercial RHI scheme often mean that the customer can get a return on investment within 5 ? 6 years, with the RHI financial payouts lasting for 20 years.

The scheme is more attractive to farms and other rural businesses that wish to find a way to get off of using oil and LPG and therefore save money now and into the future.

Richard Jones

By: Richard Jones

Richard Jones is a Chartered Surveyor and EnergyMyWay Regional Director helping homeowners, businesses and farmers find optimal renewable solutions in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.