Climate Change Minister Supports Microgeneration

Microgeneration Strategy to give certainty and clarity to industry and consumers

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker today launched a formal consultation document on the coalition?s Microgeneration Strategy.

When coupled with the roll out of smart meters and the Green Deal ? the coalition?s national energy efficiency programme – small scale power generation could help to reduce bills and make people more energy self sufficient.

The Strategy will investigate how to overcome the barriers to increase consumer confidence and sustainably grow the industry following confirmation of financial support in the Spending Review through the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed In Tariffs.

Greg Barker said:

?I am planting the seeds for growth so we can see small scale energy generation flourish in homes, businesses and communities. All elements of the industry, from standards and access to information to technology and skills must be ready to deliver and grow.

?We?ve already pledged financial support to encourage people to install kit like solar panels and heat pumps, today?s consultation will ensure that the industry and consumers have the confidence to invest.?

The consultation on the Microgeneration Strategy will look at four key areas for development:

  • Quality: ensure consumers have confidence that equipment and installation is reliable and adheres to the highest standards;
  • Technology: examine how to grow the industry by improving products, using existing intelligence and more trialling of technologies new to the UK;
  • Skills: develop the microgeneration supply chain to ensure it is properly equipped with the right people to meet the expected rise in demand, as well as creating and sustaining jobs in the UK;
  • Information and Advice: to provide more accessible advice and information about microgeneration to homeowners, communities and consumers.

A final chapter looks at broader issues with a focus on community?level solutions and decentralised energy more generally.

Chief Executive of the Micropower Council, Dave Sowden, said:

?The UK?s microgeneration sector is at the heart of a Citizen?s Energy Revolution. In tough economic times, this rapidly growing industry is helping consumers to go green, has created thousands of jobs, aiding economic recovery, and attracting manufacturing investment here in the UK.

?We have already seen extraordinary growth in microgeneration power generation solutions thanks to the introduction of the Feed in Tariff earlier this year, and look forward to similar incentives being extended to renewable heating and hot water systems next June. Today?s welcome proposals will help the industry grow with proper attention to quality, technology and skills development, whilst making it all much easier for consumers.?

James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.