Calling all architects: 7 good reasons why you need an eco-partner

We?ve just completed a successful renovation project on an Oxfordshire home with Anderson-Orr, where they brought us in as their expert eco-partners right at the start of the project.

We rolled out our official ?eco-partnership? to architects, developers and self-builders after we increasingly found that renewable energy was ?bolted on? at the build phase. This led to problems for the architects, builders and the client.

Involving us as from the start means sustainable energy technologies and design becomes an integrated part of the house.

Why partnering with us makes sense for you and your client:

1. A single source of advice on all aspects of renewable energy

We have expertise in all aspects of renewable energy ? from limitations that might affect your designs to the products that will provide the best efficiency and return for the client.

2. Quality-assured installations so clients get the best return on their investment

Choosing a reputable eco-partner who guarantees their products and installations means peace of mind for your client, and a continued, stable return on their investments.

3. A completely integrated approach to the build, right from the start

The latest renewable energy products work most effectively with heating, water and electricity systems when the designs integrate these products intelligently from the start of the project.

4. An intelligent eco-home, sustainable for the long term

At the same time as the pressure on architects to produce the very latest sustainable designs, the renewable energy industry is becoming more refined, and smart technology means clients are reaping the rewards of intelligent home management systems.

5. Substantial savings for the client in home running costs

When energy solutions have been considered right the start and are interwoven into the whole property the client will have see greater efficiency and cost savings than if each product had been installed in isolation.

6. You avoid legacy problems from poor installations

We?ve seen how architects suffer from legacy issues, particularly when working with ground source or air source heat pumps that may have been poorly installed or under-sized, leaving clients with much higher energy bills than they expected, and you with an ongoing problem.

7. You provide a full service to your clients

It?s what we call a ?whole-house solution?. You can?t be an expert in all things, so we?re here as an indispensible member of your team so you can offer a better service to your clients.

James Eades

By: James Eades

Operations Director, James Eades is EnergyMyWay's in-house expert on renewable energy policy, microgeneration technologies and best practice in the renewable energy industry.