Biomass cuts heating costs for large homes

North Devon house benefits from biomass boiler

Heating your home is a major expense, and houses with large open spaces, such as an indoor pool can be very expensive to heat. Fortunately, renewable energies offer an environmentally friendly, financially beneficial way to power your home ? meaning you can stay warm and enjoy a few of life?s luxuries without worrying about your energy bills.

Swimming poolThis was exactly the position Mr Tebbutt, from North Devon, found himself in when he approached EnergyMyWay. As the owner of a larger property with a pool Mr Tebbutt wanted to be less reliant on mains gas.

Having previously installed Solar PV and solar thermal Mr Tebbutt already knew how beneficial renewable energies could be. Their success made him keen to find a similarly sustainable option for his heating.

After a thorough survey, EnergyMyWay North Devon recommended an ETA PC 32kW biomass boiler as an ideal solution for Mr Tebbutt?s property and heating needs. Our team then set about installing a bespoke system at the home. This involved the biomass boiler being connected to a heat exchanger in the garage from where it supplies hot water to the house and pool.

Biomass is a great heating solution, especially if you have a larger property. A biomass boiler uses chippings or wood pellets to generate the energy which heats your home. It?s an environmentally friendly, zero-carbon energy source and it is almost 50% cheaper than oil.

New incentives from the Government are another reason biomass is so attractive. Changes to the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme mean that those who have converted to biomass boilers can expect to receive payments of 12.2p per KWH for 7 years.Boiler and buffer tank installed

A biomass boiler was ideal for Mr Tebbutt?s heating needs and the size of his property. They are bigger than average boilers and need space to store the wood chippings which fuel it. This property?s detached barn was perfect to house the 1000 litre buffer tank and a 4.4 tonne pellet store.

What?s more, it is also an extremely cost-effective choice. The system generates an income of £4,000 per year, that means the cost of installation will paid back in fewer than nine years*.

Mr Tebbutt now enjoys a carbon neutral heating system and no longer has to worry about heating bills, and there is the added bonus of payments from the domestic RHI. With the help of EnergyMyWay Mr Tebbutt found a heating solution that was sustainable, efficient and remarkably cost effective.

This biomass system was installed by EnergyMyWay North Devon. Call 01805 804860 to talk to us or email our regional director Steve Watkinson.

Steve Watkinson

By: Steve Watkinson

Regional Director for EnergyMyWay North Devon, Steve helps local businesses and homeowners benefit from renewable energy. T: 01805 804860.

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