The Best Business Decision You’ll Ever Make: Install a Biomass Boiler

Biomass boilers are ideal commercial properties, because of the space required, the generous financial incentives for businesses, and the low carbon contributes to your green credentials.

FACT: The Renewable Heat Incentive for commercial use of Biomass Boilers completely WIPES OUT your heating costs.

This customer turned his energy bill into a cheque:

EnergyMyWay will help you to access the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive. Here is a typical response from one of our customers:

?We are staggered! Where we once received a heating bill of £4,800, we now receive a cheque for £6,000 every quarter, and that?s guaranteed for 20 years. Installing a Biomass Boiler is the single best decision we have ever made for our business.?

Here?s a financial example:

Financial example of Commerical Biomass Boilers


£2000+ p.a. (switching from oil)

If you are running your property on Oil or LPG, you will be in the grip of crippling and increasing fuel costs. Switching to Biomass can save you a staggering 30-50% on your heating bill.


£5000+ p.a.

Launched by the Government to encourage businesses to make the shift to greener heating, the RHI will pay you for every kWh of heat generated by your Biomass Boiler.

Ways to pay ? and your total ROI

infographic_nondomrhi_20130402Find out more about the RHI or arrange a free survey

The sooner you switch to biomass, the sooner you?ll start to earn from the RHI and save money on your fuel bills. Wipe out the cost of your heating bills and earn more on top of that.

Arrange a free survey at your property with one of our regional directors. It?s a no-pressure discussion about the pros and cons, at a time to suit you, and we?ll give you an idea of the costs and savings you?ll make based on your individual property.

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By: Louisa Stockley