How We Work With Schools

Reduce carbon emissions and save your school money

The 5-step audit process for  schools

We work with schools to maximise energy efficiency and implement cost-saving systems is rarely a case of ?one size fits all?. However, we have distilled our audit process into five distinct phases. We know that every school is different, and every phase is always tailored to meet your individual requirements while taking the unique structure of your school into account.

Step 1: Current energy usage

The EnergyMyWay consultant for your area will talk to you about your current energy consumption and strategies, and listen to your concerns and ideas. We?ll discuss different options that could work for you and any financial aid you might be entitled to.

Step 2: Detailed audit

An experienced member of our team will conduct a ?walk around? with your facilities manager, looking at every aspect of your energy use, the unique fabric of your building and the usage and requirements for every room. We?ll talk about the history of the buildings, the work that?s already been done, and any planned development.

Step 3: Recommendations

Our recommendations will cover every single detail of your energy use ? from quick wins to long-term investments; from light bulbs to boilers, from hot water for the showers to cooling your server room. We are able to list projected costs and savings, forecast carbon reductions, recommend priority fixes and explain those that need planning.

Step 4: Installation

Our fully accredited, experienced installers are ready to carry out your energy improvements, whether it?s undertaking the work ourselves or being on-hand to provide advice to your team of builders. We supply the highest quality products, are completely independent, and naturally, all our work is guaranteed. And being MCS-accredited, our installations mean you qualify for the Government?s Feed-in Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive.

All our school installations come with a service contract, so you have access to your dedicated local EnergyMyWay consultant whenever you need him, and your installation is regularly checked and reviewed to ensure it?s performing at its peak.

Step 5: Monitoring the results of improvement

We don?t just leave you to it once the work is finished. We always always like to measure the effects of your renewable energy installations and keep you up to date on your costs, savings, usage, carbon reductions, and overall efficiency. This way you?re fully equipped to report on the tangible results of your investment.

Other services for schools

As well as working with schools to audit your energy use and install holistic, modern systems that make better use of their energy and save them money, we are on hand to provide other services for schools, including:

  • Energy-saving engagement and education workshops
  • Advice on funding, loans, grants and financial incentives
  • Independent advice on renewable energy product and systems

For more information or to book an energy survey for your school, contact us.