Energy Efficient Self Build Home

A complete energy system for new off-gas property

Energy Planning for Sustainable Future

Following the demolition of a 1960’s bungalow on this plot in Oxfordshire, we were introduced to the clients by their architect, who we already worked with designing and building energy systems for sustainable properties.

We created energy plans for the new property and installed renewable technologies that will give the owners of this self-build property an efficient, intelligent and low-cost home for years to come.


Energy planning at the earliest stage

Our experts discussed options for heat pumps, space and hot water systems, lighting and onsite electricity generation.

We provided heat loss reports, energy calculations and recommendations.

Our designs for underfloor heating, air source heat pump, mechanical ventilation heat recovery and solar PV were integrated with the architect’s plans.

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Underfloor Heating integral design

An essential part of the process is the specification of the underfloor heating, which must be designed to work efficiently with the correctly-sized air source or ground source heat pump.

The underfloor heating for this property ensures the desired temperatures are achieved on a room-by-room basis.

Individual room temperatures and timings can be controlled by programmable, wall-mounted digital thermostats.

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Air Source Heat Pump

The air source heat pump will provide 100% of the property’s heat and hot water requirements.

Our team size, specify, install and maintain heat pumps to give architects and self-builders total peace of mind.

The air source heat pump takes heat from external air temperatures as low as -20 degrees and delivers it to a buffer cylinder located in the plant room, and to a 300litre hot water cylinder.


Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Due to the airtight nature of this energy-efficient building, MVHR is necessary to meet air change standards.

The ventilation system works by removing stale, warm air and replacing it with fresh air, which is pre-heated via the heat exchanger, using the heat extracted from the out-going, warm air.

MVHR is a simple, discreet ventilation system, which we design and install as part of the complete energy plan.

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Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Installed on the adjoining garage, to maintain the aesthetic of the front of the property, are 16 250w solar panels.

The panels will generate 3,400kW hours of electricity per year for this property, providing a significant proportion of the annual energy requirements for the house.

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Our complete energy service

We work with architects, developers and set-builders, providing and intelligent, specialist energy service for new-build properties.

  1. Design – bespoke energy calculations and technology design
  2. Installation – qualified, accredited installations of renewable technologies
  3. Handover – operations manuals and government incentive documentation
  4. After care – comprehensive warranties, service and maintenance

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We work with architects and self builders, designing and building energy efficient self build homes.

It is never too early in the process to start the conversation about your energy design.

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