Educating and Engaging Schools

Educating and Engaging Schools

Educate your pupils, staff and governors about energy saving and get them involved from the start

We know that it can be hard to get the whole school signed up to your sustainability plan. You need to facilitate different levels of education and involvement for each group ? stakeholders, governors, parents, teachers, and pupils.

At EnergyMyWay, we?ve had lots of experience in creating energy ambassadors in independent schools. We regularly give classroom talks to get students engaged in energy saving, and sustainable practice. We use a range of materials to help develop a wider understanding of green issues and renewable energy.

We can also hold engaging seminars for the more senior members of your school, answering their questions about new technologies. this is coupled with a discussion on the savings and long-term financial impact that can be realised with an up-to-date, holistic renewable energy system.

We can even install public-area displays that track energy usage in real time. It?s all about creating tangible, easy-to-understand evidence of the benefits of being greener.

Talk to us about energy engagement workshops

Most people know how solar panels work, but do you know how to use it to heat your water? How can a wind turbine be used in a school? Why are biomass boilers such a great option for schools? What are the little things everyone can do, every day, to save £000s every year?

Talk to us today about what you?re trying to achieve and we?ll help you get there.