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Solar Panels Hertfordshire 1970’s Bungalow

Solar Panels Hertfordshire 1970’s Bungalow

20 year Return £18,000
Payback 7 years (13% return)
Cost £6,530
Bill Saving £300 p.a.
Income £600 p.a.
Carbon Offset 2,000 Kg p.a.
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Return is calculated using combined bill savings and subsidy earnings. Bill savings are calculated using estimated energy usage and either the electricity price at the time of installation (19 March, 2015) or, for our heating products, the existing fuel type available to the property.

The client wanted to generate as much electrical energy as possible, to safeguard against future energy cost increases. The client also wanted the capability to monitor how much energy was being produced, so that he could use the energy to its best effect without exporting back into the grid.

Due to local grid connection limitations, we were restricted to a 4 kWp system. The panels selected were from the Seraphim range, which offered the most cost effective solution, whilst maintaining good performance and warranty cover. For monitoring purposes we provided the new Geo Solo III combined meter/monitiring device. This allows both a web-based and a stand-alone monitoring capability.