Solar Panels for Detached Carmarthenshire Home

Solar Panels for Detached Carmarthenshire Home

20 year Return £16,000
Payback 8 years (12% return)
Cost £5,000 - £7,000
Bill Saving £300 p.a.
Income £500 p.a.
Carbon Offset N/A

Return is calculated using combined bill savings and subsidy earnings. Bill savings are calculated using estimated energy usage and either the electricity price at the time of installation (10 September, 2015) or, for our heating products, the existing fuel type available to the property.

Our customer was interested in solar panels as a way to reduce her environmental impact and generate clean energy. She approached EnergyMyWay to carry out a survey of her property and provide advice on the most appropriate solar panel system.

We designed and installed 16 Hyundai 250w panels with a SolaX inverter (inc 20 year warranty). We also installed an Immersun immersion boost to heat the property’s hot water with the excess electricity the solar panels will generate. This is an effective way of making the most of self-generated electricity, rather than exporting it to the grid and then buying it back later at a higher price.

The homeowner was delighted with the work. “I would happily recommend EnergyMyWay if you were considering changing to alternative approaches to energy. Thomas has been most helpful; not only assisting us with the paperwork to register for the Feed-in Tariff, but also explaining other forms of energy supply other than solar. This is a company I trust!”