Case Studies


Air Source Heat Pump Cornwall bungalow

This Cornwall property is off the mains gas grid and reliant on expensive oil for heating and hot water. The owner wanted to find a solution to protect themselves from rising fuel costs and reduce their reliance on the volatile price of oil. We assessed the property and recommended an Air Source Heat Pump which is electrically run and could utilise the free electricity generated from the property’s existing Solar PV array.

Biomass Boiler Derbyshire Farm House

The owner of this new-build farm house was suffering very high heating bills when a colleague recommended her to EnergyMyWay for a review of her renewable energy options. The property was reliant on oil for heating and running an AGA. We recommended a 35kW ETA biomass boiler as the ideal solution for heating and hot water, after discounting a ground source heat pump due to limited land space available.

Biomass Boiler Cheshire Farm House

This Cheshire farm house has solid walls and is set in a very exposed location, off the mains gas grid. The owner was suffering increasingly high bills and was reliant on heating with oil and filtering water from a bore hole. Mr Williams approached EnergyMyWay looking for a lower-cost, more sustainable heating and hot water solution, which resulted in the installation of a combi biomass boiler.

Solar Panels Warwickshire home

Having just moved into a new house, our customer was keen to reduce the size of his energy bills and asked our EnergyMyWay Warwickshire team to survey the property for Solar PV panels. Mr Fell had some knowledge of the government Feed-in Tariff and was keen to benefit from the government incentive for solar panels.

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