Case Studies

Poor Solar Panel Installation, rectified by EnergyMyWay Hertfordshire

The client had an existing installation, not installed by EnergyMyWay, which appeard to be generating less than expected. The solar panels were positioned on the east and west facing roofs.The installation company had ceased trading and the system was out of warranty. We were asked to take a look and our survey identified potential problems in respect of shading which would affect the performance of the east facing panels. The panels had been installed on the lower section of roof, which later in the day would be affected by shading from the neighbouring two story property at the bottom of the garden. To make matters worse the client’s property was downhill from the adjacent property. We also identified that some of the fixings had not been installed correctly.

Solar PV for business in Cheshire

This specialist laser cutting and white metal bearing manufacturer was a very high user of electricity within their manufacturing process and the Managing Director wanted to both reduce his input costs, and lessen his environmental impact by becoming more sustainable. His Chairman recommended that he contact EnergyMyWay as we had previously installed a biomass heating system for his domestic property in Devon.

The Regional Director of EnergyMyWay met with the MD to understand his requirements and reviewed his current and forecast energy consumption and costs and was able to advise him of the cost savings and carbon offset potential of installing a Solar PV array.

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